Chapter 11 - The Attack of the Giant Gulper Eel

by Danyala and Nathan

When we found out that it was a giant gulper eel that was hungry, we looked around for an escape. "We have to find a way to unwedge the submarine," said Harry.

"But the gulper eel will kill us," I said.

We finally got the submarine unwedged and the gulper eel ate us. "Oh no!" cried Sarah. "We got eaten by the gulper eel."

"We can see that, Sarah," said Harry. "We must find a way out of here!''

We wondered what we could do. Should we swim down the eel's digestive system and out through its bum? Should we race through the eel's stomach wall and make a big mess? Should we decide to stay inside the eel and wait until it dies?

But Sarah had a brilliant idea. "Why don't we throw bits of dead fish at the eel's throat! Then it might actually throw up and out we'll come!"

We all thought that was a great idea. "Excellent work, Sarah," said Harry.

We got to work quickly. I went outside with Winston, and we gathered up old fish bones and fish meat from inside the eel's stomach. Then we swam up behind the Bing & Bong and started pelting the particles into the back of the eel's throat.
We rushed back inside and just as we shut the airlock there was a huge jolt and the submarine shook and shook. Suddenly, we were shot out of the eel's mouth as fast as a speeding bullet. The eel had gotten sick! We were free!

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