Chapter Two - A Sudden Shock

by Maddi B. and Maddy G.

Everything went alright until we got close to the start of the trench. A sudden wave of light flashed past. Winston started barking, and we looked outside the window and saw a huge brightly coloured squid.

"Winston, stop that you silly little mutt!" yelled Lt Jane Baily. ''That is a rainbow squid."

"Look at the bright colours coming from its tentacles", said Sarah. "It's amazing, not many people would have seen them, right guys?"

"Hold on, there's an enomous rock in the way," said Captain Harry.

But it wasn't just one rock, it was a family of rocks! We dodged all of the rocks except the last one. BANG! All the power went off, then there was suddenly a hole in the submarine and water flooded in.

"It's too dangerous, we have to get out," said Jane, "and we will have to leave Winston".

But I said, "I can fix it! I learnt how to back on land!"

"No, I will do it," said Sarah, "I have a Masters degree in mechanics."

"Fine," said the Captain. "Sarah, do your thing."

Sarah ran over to the door, but I grabbed her as she ran past. I had always been fond of Sarah but I never had the chance to tell her.

"Sarah, I love you, I've always wanted to be with you, kiss me before you go," I cried.

Sarah tried to wiggle out of my arms. "Oh Stanley let me go, we don't have time, tell me later, the water is up to me knees!"

I let her go, and Sarah went into the airlock, put on her diving gear and was gone through the main hatch.

There was a sudden jolt! We had crashed into another rock!

"Sarah!" I cried.

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