Chapter 13 - Lost!

by Emma H and Nina

I kissed the mermaid, as Sarah watched in horror. “Chicken”, murmured Harry. I then snapped out of my trance that Harry had accidentally put on me. “Aaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhh, I, I, I, I, I kissed a fish!” I then ran wildly round the submarine, which felt like my home by now. “STOP IT, Stanley”, yelled Sarah, who could barely hear herself think.

The mermaid by now was threatening Harry. Harry grabbed a fork and poked it in the mermaid’s stomach area. The mermaid pulled it out of Harry’s clenched fist and snapped in half. I was still running round the room madly, I couldn’t help myself. Harry then stabbed the mermaid in the chest and she fell out the door with a piece of rope stuck around her tail and around Harry’s leg. The mermaid pulled him out of the submarine and down to the bottom.

Few minutes later Harry returned with lumps of sea weed strapped around his head, smelling of fish. I was by now changed into my diving suit, I planed to swim to the surface I didn’t want to be a part of this mission any more. I then jumped out of the submarine and swam away. “No, Stanley come back,” yelled Sarah, “I really do love YOU!” I was too far away two hear. Sick and tired of the marine biologist, I swam faster.

Then as she was yelling out Harry came still smelling of fish, Harry started making kissing noises and started to move towards Sarah. “Oh, it’s ok, you’ll have me, and you love meeeeeeeeeeeeee, “says Harry, sucking up in a most ghastly way. “I DON”T want you! ”I love Stanley ‘’ yelled Sarah in sobs of tears.

I was by now a kilometre away and very hungry, I was in so much hunger pain that I drifted to the bottom. As I was drifting down Sarah was suiting up Winston with a tracking devise and air bottles for six weeks, ‘’ GO Winston go find Stanley and when you have found him press call three times ‘’ said Sarah letting Winston out of the air hole.

Three days later Sarah was still alone and I was fighting for my life, ‘’WINSTON’’ I yelled as Winston came towards me ‘’Where’s Sarah’’ I said Winston pulled up the tracking devise and showed it to me it said ‘’press call 3 times’’ I pressed 3 times but all it did was give Winston an electric shock ‘’WERE LOST’’

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