Chapter 14 - Pregnant Worries

by Kate and Amelia

“STANLEY, why”, said Sarah.

“Because I love her.”

“But you’ve only know her for a few minutes” said Sarah.

Until Stanley could say something the mermaid said “How are we going to plan the wedding?”

Stanley said, “We will have the wedding in the submarine darling.”

Sarah was so jealous and hot headed she threw Winston at him. “Stanley the reason why I love you is because you’re the father of my baby,” she said.

OH MY GOD!!!!!” said Stanley. All of a sudden the mermaid swallowed Sarah whole and Harry dragged her out of the mermaid. In a flash, the mermaid was gone.

“Oh no, the baby’s coming!” screamed Sarah.

PLOP the baby slid out. “ Let’s call him Jorrise,” said Stanley.

“Okay,” said Sarah.

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