Chapter 7 - The Dolphins

By Zoe and Daisy

We wrapped her body up in a white sheet. Everyone was horrified. We didn't know what to do without our navigator.

How are we supposed to get around? Sarah hugged me and reached up but I pulled away. I was too upset for a kiss!

I got my spear and opened the airlock. I swam out into the ocean with Winston, who was in a child's wetsuit. Jane's death had put everyone else out of my head, even Sarah. I swam upwards towards the twilight zone. I saw Clown Fish in their anemones. It was so, totally radical, and extraordinary. Suddenly, dolphins swam around me. The largest dolphin swam next to me, and gestured for me to hold on to his dorsal fin. I grabbed on and the dolphin took off. It swam swiftly and silently, with the rest of the group following. After about three hundred metres of swimming, the dolphins, stopped.

"EEEEEEHHHHHH," the dolphins started communicating.


"EEEERRRRRRRRR." The dolphins looked angrily at me. They started belting me with their tails.

"I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" I yelled. The dolphins circled me and I started crying, "I want my MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!" I felt something bite my little toe. I looked down. It was a Hammerhead Shark.

"AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!" I screamed, or maybe even wailed. Then it just swam away. I could just see it in the distance.

The dolphins took me back to the Bing & Bong and I waved goodbye. I opened up the hatch and went inside. I walked to Sarah and spoke quietly, "I don't love you anymore Sarah, and anyway, we should be here for the mission, not love."

I walked slowly away. I chopped some of the squid's leg off and cooked it. Then I sat on my bed and ate calamari.
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