Chapter Five - The Creature

by Simon and Jenna

We were getting deeper and I heard a very shrill scream. "Sarah," I said with a panicky voice. I ran toward the noise and found that it was Jane, she was pointing out the window in horror.

"Ahhh," I screamed. Just outside the window was the most scariest looking fish I had ever seen, it had big blue eyes and was a spitting image of my grandfather (who wasn't the nicest looking guy). Its bones were sticking out and it had more than one mouth. Sarah came running had a look out the window and fainted into my arms.

"Show off," muttered Jane.

"Did you say something," I said.

"No," replied Jane.

When Sarah woke up she came over to the captain and said, "Boy am I cold."

"You got the flu," Harry replied.

"Where's Stan," Sarah said

"Umh," was the captain's reply.

So Sarah went to go and look. She found Jane and I staring at the big, ugly newfound creature.

"What is it, you're the marine person," said Jane.

"Well it's not a known creature, but it sure looks like a loose-jaw," said Sarah.

" I'll go check with the captain," I said.

"So you want Jane and I to go out and have a look at the ..... whatever it is," I repeated.

"Sure do," said the captain.

So Jane and I put on our suits and went through the main airlock. While we were out Sarah was with Harry to make sure they were okay.

We were in the ocean and the newfound creature was looking at us, it moved quickly and there was soon a pool of blood.

"Jane," I said worriedly. There was no reply. I dragged her back to the airlock opened it and crawled into the sub.
"Help," I said, and as quick as a flash Harry and Sarah were there.

Jane's leg was badly injured, she needed stitches but the only thing we had was a metre long peice of string and it worked perfectly.

"Perfect Stan," said Sarah and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

''Umm that wasn't called for," I said disturbingly.

"Well you're just the perfect person," said Sarah.

"How is Jane doing?" I asked Harry.

"She's losing too much blood," said Harry. "I'm not sure if she will make it!"

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