Chapter Four - Love Triangle

by Jess and Kara

We were ankle deep in water and bucketing it out by the second. Unfortunately there was a little bit that we could not get in the buckets. When we thought all was lost something happened! Winston was drinking the rest of the water. He was a hero!

Then Jane came up and kissed me! I was astonished! "What was that for?" I asked.

"No reason in particular, why?"

"Because girls don't kiss guys without a reason," I replied.

"Well you're kinda cute and well," said Jane, "we do kiss boys for no reason sometimes."

"Whatever," I said.

Winston started to seem extremely thirsty. He started to get tired and grumpy, at the most unexpected times. The further we went into the trench, the darker it got. After time Sarah's wounds healed.

"We need to take a left here," said Jane.

"Why?" said Harry.

"Because then we won't bang into the side."

"Fine," said Harry. He turned on the head-lights because it was coming to dusk and getting dark.

Suddenly an extremely large loose-jaw fish jumped up in front of the sub.

"Oh no!" cried Sarah."It must think that we're food!"

"Don't be stupid," said Harry. "We're too big to be fish food."

Suddenly a huge mutated dolphin jumped up and had a go at the loose-jaw. After about 5 minutes there was just the loose-jaw skeleton.

"That was so scary," said Jane. "Hold me Stanley."

"No! Hold me!" yelled Sarah.

"Oh-oh," said Harry. "Looks like a love triangle".

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