Chapter Six- The Death

by Emma B and Danielo

"How long does she have?" I asked.

"Probably about an hour," said Harry, solemnly.

"I'm in pain," said Jane.

Sarah ran into the room. "I'm sorry I have been jealous, I'm so sorry," she said.

Harry grabbed a towel and wrapped it on Jane's leg. We all waited in horror.

I ran to the air lock; put on the diving suit and got my spear gun. I was furious and went outside and did what had to be done. I came in with the fish on my spear and took it to the scientist room. I asked Sarah to go study the fish.

Three days later Lt Jane Bailey passed away.

I became in love with Sarah. It was funny in a way because I've always been stuck in the middle of the love triangle.

One night, when all was dark inside the Bing & Bong, I heard a scream of worry from Captain Harry's cabin. "Now that the navigator has gone what will happen to us?" came his deafening cry.

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