Chapter Nine - Love is Out of the Air and Calamari is In

By Luke and Alex

The next day everything changed. Love was out of the air and every one was enjoying calamari.

Thank god love is out of the air,'' I said in a relieved voice. "By the way this calamari is quite nice."

Meanwhile Winston was taking a power nap and the Bing & Bong hit the side of the trench and a big heavy diving mask fell of the shelf and landed right on my noggin. I was knocked out cold. The next thing I knew was I was sitting up singing "Yummy, yummy, yummy I've got calamari tummy and it fells so good inside," over and over again, and then I started saying "I want my mummy."

A while later, while I was having a rest in the corner of the submarine, Harry got Sarah in a corner and said to her, "It's over."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean it's over, it's just not working."

I was suddenly very hungry. "Can I have some more calamari?" I asked Harry.

Harry said, "There's no left calamari left."

"I'm goin' in," I said, "I must get calamari." Before anyone could stop me, I put on my suit and went into the airlock and outside.

here fishie fishie fishie here fishie fishie fishie i mean octopus tentacles ha ha ha about an hour later stanley returned with three octopusses. mmmmmmmmmm calamari. stanley stearted singing again, this time he was singing i love calamari lots mmmm it makes your heart your heart go brilya do do do dooo i love calamari lots yeah!!!. after they had calamari they started goin down even further. they saw a loose jaw, jellies and a never seen before goblin shark. ooh are ten minutes a giant squid attacked us.oh no someting was going wrong were shrinking said harry in a scared voice. i've got itsaid winston. hey you can talk. yeah you dummy (suck suck). w'ell go to the mutataed mermaid with two heads and one arm and tell him to give us some ideas to kill the evil squid with red eyes and vampire teeth so we can explore the rest of the trench. oky doky said little winston slowly walked off to talk to mr mutated monkey mr winston went to talk to mr mutated monkey whale. can you chase the evil squid away mr,said winston .i will try said the mutated mermaid.then the evil squid turned the mermaid evil .oh no said everyone.

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