Chapter 8 - Shark Attack: Love is in the Air Once Again

By Shanae & Sam

When Sarah came in everyone crowded her. Harry blushed right in front of her.

She asked with a concerned face, "Harry why are you blushing? You have never blushed in front of me before."

''Well there's something that I want to tell you since today,'' he said. But suddenly something hit the submarine. It was a great white shark
and it kept hitting the submarine it made the whole power system shut off.


"Why is this great white shark trying to, ummm, what ever it is trying to do!" said Harry. "Look there is a spear stuck in its gill, and it is finding it hard to breathe."

"Why don't we take the spear out and study the shark?" said Sarah.

"'We will throw a net over it while we go and take the spear out," I said.

We all got our wetsuits on and off we went. The net went and caught the shark. The shark was struggling to get out so we got straight into it. We all pulled the spear, it took a while but finally it came out and we went back to the submarine, and took a deep breath.

Harry came up to Sarah and said, "Hi Sarah, the thing I wanted to tell you was that I LOVE YOU! You are so beautiful!"

"Aahhh . . . ok," said Sarah, with surprise. "This is the most biggest shock I have ever had in my life, but it is really nice to hear that because I LOVE YOU TOO!"

So Sarah and Captain Harry were together, but I was all alone. I was sad. I didn't feel loved by anyone. I felt I was just here for the mission, not love. But Harry was deeply and madly in love with Sarah, and so was she.

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